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Why I don't take one bad comment seriously
So, I was informed a few days ago by my editor that she had gone looking back at Jay's Sex Club Adventures, and stumbled upon one person identified as anonymous, who had commented on about five or six straight chapters, basically pointing out a load of errors and mistakes as well as claiming that I was basing the stories on what the readers wanted to happen instead of what I as the writer wanted. In every chapter this person went by the name anonymous. In some, they came off seeming like someone just trying to troll, and in others they seemed like a genuine critic who was just taking things a tad bit to far. I shrugged it off.

I am currently having a discussion with another anonymous in my latest story Friday Night Snow Storm, who is saying similar things. The first comment came off very troll like, in spite of how much he or she insists that they are only trying to give their honest opinion. I got a little smart ass towards them, and I'm not regretful for that at all. They countered by insisting again that my work is trash and blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure what this person....troll or not....wants me to say.

I'm not sure I feel obligated to feel upset by ONE BAD COMMENT when there are a load of other positive comments. Does he want an apology for me? I am not quite sure. I offered a simple solution, since he or she said that they had tried to read two of my stories with an open mind...don't read my stories if you don't like them. It's always bothered me when people say they don't like a specific author, yet they keep coming back and reading other stories just to trash talk in the comment section. You make yourself quite obvious as a troll when you pull shit like that. I'm sorry, but I'll be 26 years old by the end of this month and I....don't know where the fuck I should give is. It seems to have slipped out the window and left me...well....not giving a fuck. Now if I had about four or five bad reviews on one story....from people who weren't feeling obligated to use Anonymous...I might take it a little more serious. In any case, I'm about 85% sure this is the same person who my editor pointed out from the comment section in the chapters from Jay's Sex Club. That's probably the second story they said they had tried to read. If I'm right, it's no big deal. From what my editor told me, this person seems to enjoy trash talking a few other people that she edits for, so there's yet again another obvious sign that this person is just trying to troll.

Now...I want everyone to know that I CAN take constructive criticism. But please don't make yourself anonymous if you are going to point out an error or give me your input. And if you don't want to make yourself seem like a troll, don't word your first comment in the manner that this person worded theirs. I don't take people who do that kind of stuff seriously.

Now, I am going to go enjoy my beer...and maybe some Jack on the rocks. Yours truly,

Back on track
I know it's been a while since I last posted on here....I'm not to sure if any of my fans even came here to read any of those old posts. I'm trying to let everyone know now, that you can get updates on what I'm doing by coming here, so I hope it's different this time around. Some of you may notice, my posts on Literotica have been coming less often now. The last few months have been rough, since I lost my mother. I'm getting back on track now, slowly but surely, and believe me I have a lot of ideas in store for good stories. Jay's Sex Club ended a while ago and I'm pretty sure that so far it was my biggest and most successful post. I'm trying to match up to that, but not sure if I can lol. Mistress Alice seems to be going well so far though, so maybe there is hope. That's going to be a much shorter series then Jay was though. I also have plenty in store for other things aside from Mistress Alice. I'm hoping to wrap up "Mistress" real soon, and move on to those other big ideas. By Sunday, my latest post, Friday Night Snow Storm should be up. I hope everyone enjoys that one shot too. Anyway, more to come soon. Whiskey

Jays Sex Club Adventures
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

The conclusion of Jogging Partners....coming soon!
I am currently trying to think of how to end this series which everyone has seemed to enjoy so much. I want the ending to be long and I want it to be something that will leave the fans of the series feeling satisfied, it has to be perfect. Please, bare with me as this may take some time to come up with the proper ending, but its not going to be ungodly long lol don't worry about that. I already have new ideas for a new series that I am sure is going to be fun to write, but I do not want to start another series until I have finished Jogging Partners. This is why I feel its time to start working on the final piece. I don't want it to be rushed though, I believe strongly that when a writer, or an artist of ANY kind rushes their work it usually does not turn out to be as great as they intended it to be in the end. So thank you to everyone who has been patient so far. More to come soon. As for my next series....I have a storyline (sort of) but no name just yet.
Also, glad to see that everyone enjoyed my last submission, "The Ad." That was a LOT of fun and quite hard for me to focus on work while it sat on my brain lol the things I come up with while I'm at work sometimes haha. Anyway, happy Halloween to all of my fans, and I'll see you all soon with another update.

Seems I have an actual fan base growing.
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Removing my older stories and re-writing them for better quality..
I am considering taking down a few of my old stories, and re-writing them then re-posting them and allowing the settings for people to vote. The biggest part of this is because I am going over a lot of the older stories and realizing that my writing has improved in the year that I have been on Literotica. I've also switched to typing in narrative and it seems to look a lot better. But I want to set it so that people can vote for these stories as well. I've gotten so many good reviews on so many stories I've written, why shouldn't I allow people to vote? I never set it to that back then because when I started writing on Literotica I did not expect to develop a fan base like I have, I did not expect at all to get good reviews like the ones that I have gotten. I'm very proud of the fact that so many people seem to enjoy reading my material.

Some writers say that a writer never writes for his or herself...it's true, but with me when it comes to erotic fiction, I mostly do write for myself. It's an outlet for me to get out my fantasies since I am in a relationship right now and cannot really act on the majority of them without cheating on my significant other, instead I write about them and it gets me off as much as it seems to get most of you off. In the next few days I'll probably be pulling a few of my old stories: The Bet, The Boyfriend Stealer and a few others...possibly one or two series' as well but I'm not sure. Re-writing and re-posting an entire series would take a lot of time and I'm not sure if I'm up for that. I do want them available to be voted for though, but I don't want to take the time to have them all pulled and re-posted. We'll see what happens.

Plans for coming weeks
A lot of people are really into my latest series Jogging Partners, It's gotten a lot of attention so far. Jennifer is a bitch and everyone hates her and wants to know how this is going to play out. Answers are coming soon, I promise you she will get what is coming to her as all antagonists usually do. Expect a new chapter hopefully by the end of the week or sometime next weekend.

I wrote a one shot called Birthday Prank a few weeks back that was also very well received. Many have requested more chapters for this and I am considering, believe me, but I'm not sure what direction the story will go so it may take a bit of time for me to continue if I do at all.
Keep checking back here for updates on that.

My latest, Hockey Bet, seems to be doing good so far also. This was inspired by a conversation about hockey teams on a forum that I really got into and at one point something was said that I found gave me quite a mental image forming the idea for this story. It was only intended as a one shot, but I am receiving a few requests for more. No idea if that well happen or not though, simply because I really don't see anywhere for it to go. We shall see though. I'm also considering trying to finish my series No Thank You but again am not sure where it should go direction wise...hopefully this well continue at some point, it was really well received and I had fun writing it as well.

I've also been attempting to write a sequel for an earlier story I wrote called "The Bet" but every time I sit down to write it I either get distracted or lose interest and end up dropping it. I'm not sure if the sequel well ever be written, or if it's even a good idea to write one.

Finally, I ask that my fans bare with me. Stories may be a bit less frequent as I am starting a new job tomorrow. Jogging Partners will continue this week though as I only have three days at work this week.

Hello, fans!
If you happen to follow me on Literotica and enjoy my stories, here is where you can find updates on things that I plan to do in the future. So make sure you check here as often as possible for updates, and if you have suggestions feel free to message me on here or on Literotica.